What Your Website Says About You!

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What Your Website Says About You!

When somebody visits your website for the first time, they are actually gathering an impression about your business based on your website. You can have a very profitable business but if your website is below par, then you can actually lose customers.
You would not go to an important meeting with a new client while wearing torn jeans and a stained shirt would you? No, of course not! You would put your best foot forward with your appearance if you were meeting a new client. Every time a new client visits your website it is a new chance for you to make an impression on a new client, and you want it to be a good impression.
Your website says a lot about you and so you want to make sure that your website is giving the right impression about your business. So what elements do you need to have present on your website to make a great impression?


If somebody is going to your website, they are likely looking for information. Your website should be informative, with information that is easy to find, without requiring your customers to have to search to find what they are looking for.
The home page should clearly state the nature of your business. It should be professional looking and easy to read so that no information is lost. In the spots that you have wording, your background should not class with it, or make the wording hard to read. An informative and well-put together website should be attractive, with eye-catching graphics and colors and will tell your customers what they need to know on the home page.
When they see a profession and attractive website, it tells your clients that you mean business, and that you pay attention to detail. A website that is hastily put together gives a bad impression, if a business is so careless about their own website, surely they could be careless in their business practices as well. You can give the exact opposite impression by having a website that is pleasing to the eye and tells the customers what they want to know about your business when they visit.

User friendly

Overly complicated websites are a hassle. A website that is easy to navigate tells your customers that your business is user friendly, that you will have their best interests in mind. It shows that you have put great thought into how they navigate the website and that attention to detail and degree of care will translate into how you handle your business. Make sure that your website does not overload people with information all on page; make use of drop down menus to break your website down into sections.

Mobile Friendly

With the explosion on the types and availability of smart phones, more and more people are using smart phones to access the internet. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will be alienating a large portion of the people who access the internet.
Your website is much more than just a website and should be treated as such. It gives your clients and customers a way to translate how your company actually does business, so the more polished your website is, the better the impression you will be making on anybody who visits your website. We understand how the internet is a powerful tool and that it is the digital face of your business; let us help you make a lasting impression.

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