3 Compulsory SEO Tips to Enhance Your Conversions in 2016

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With the arrival of 2016, the most important question that must be swinging in the minds of search engine marketers is,  does Google planning to introduce some important changes in its search engine algorithm?  Because an internet marketing has no other option than just holding his hand in his pocket and waiting for some bombarding announcements from this Search Engine giant. Every business who has their websites on the internet or planning to have their own website in this New Year should know that SEO & Social Media marketing and content marketing together contribute towards the success of a business. However, being an online business owner, if you really want to be geared up to know what would be the internet marketing strategies in this New Year, go through the 3 three compulsory SEO tips that I have mentioned below that are sure to improve the conversions on your targeted websites in 2016.

Mobile Will Outshine Desktop Searches in 2016

Due to the growing inclination of internet users towards mobile phones and tablets, the mobile searches will definitely surpass the desktop searches in 2016. In 2015 only, the reports conducted on mobile searches have revealed that it has reached its peak, where the majority of searches, online shopping, and paid clicks were done through the mobile phones instead of desktops and laptops. Therefore, if you still have not made your website responsive, do it immediately to improve your chances of getting maximum conversions and also to give better website viewing experience to the mobile users.


Voice Search Will Increase Consistently

With the introduction of Cortana, Siri, and Google Now, the trend of searching on internet through Voice Search will surely see a consistent increase in 2016. This is not only increasing excitement among the internet users, but it is also saving their time invested in typing a certain search term or keyword for searching something on the internet. For example, instead of typing “NewYork Sightseeing Places” in the search bar, you can use Cortana, or Apple’s Siri, or Google Now for asking “What are NewYork Sightseeing Places”.

Here is the latest graph showing the rising trend of voice search in past few years:

So, as an internet marketing professional, you have to work hard on local SEO to help the businesses in expanding their reach within their target audiences.

Direct Answers Are Growing in Significance

Google’s recent attempts to provide direct answers for the search queries have helped in increasing the importance of direct answers. Therefore, offer structured data for everything on your website. It helps in tagging the information of your website on the search engines thus increasing the chances of improved ranking. You can take help from web developers for managing structured data on your website. It will certainly help in making the results more impressive and will also enhance the click through rate of your website.
2016 is already added in our calendar, so it is the right time for the website owners and search engine marketers to visualize and implement mobile marketing strategies in their internet marketing efforts to succeed in their goals.


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