Benefits of SaaS (Software as a service) for advisers

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The Internet has changed the way the world communicates. Every business professional knows that a great website can not only attract clients, it can also automate tasks and reduce workloads. Professionals that have a high-level of interaction with their clients, like financial and insurance advisors, can greatly benefit from a powerful website that streamlines their business model.

The largest prohibitive factor inherent in setting up a great website is the cost. When you factor in the expense of the expertise needed to implement the software and the cost of the hardware required to run a modern, scalable website that provides reliable uptime and value added services put the costs far beyond the reach of most practicing professionals.

There is a solution. Advisors who realize the benefits a proper website offers can take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS). It offers all of the benefits of an enterprise level website with a convenience and price that is manageable for professional financial and insurance advisors.

Imagine a fully functional website that can free you from filing cabinets and untether you from your phone. Your data can be centrally located in the cloud, allowing you to access information on your clients from anywhere, the office, at home, at the beach. You can automate tasks and take advantage every one of the 24 hours in a day.

You don’t need any computer or web programming expertise to take advantage of SaaS. A good service will provide you ready-to-run websites, complete with content to get you started. They offer easy customization to make your website unique. You can benefit from enterprise level CRM software, automated marketing campaigns and online quoting systems, each of which can reduce your workload while increasing your productivity.

Software as a Service is usually priced using a subscription model with a minimal setup fee. A small upfront cost gets your enterprise-class software up and running on reliable cloud-based hardware. Your small monthly subscription fee can be easily absorbed into your operating expenses. Once you’ve leveraged the power of your new SaaS, the operating costs will disappear into your time savings and productivity increases.

Any advisor should have the power of SaaS working for them. Increase your profits and reduce your workload with any one of our Software as a Service products. They’re specifically tailored to meet the needs of Financial / Real Estate / Mortgage and Insurance advisors and offer an unmatched value.


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