When is the Best Time to Hire an Adviser

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Life can be hard. Some decisions in life we struggle with and not just in our personal life, businesses face even tougher decisions. When we need help, we turn to others and that is where advisers come in. When it comes to major decisions, most people want to make an informed choice. Anybody can Google for advice, but how reliable is it?

When it comes to insurance, mortgages, financial and accounting advice, can you afford to make a wrong move? There are two times when people hire an adviser, before something becomes and problem and after something becomes a problem. Savvy consumers and business owners hire an adviser before problems occur because that is what your adviser will do, help you decide the best course of action that will benefit you.

Insurance advisers, mortgage advisers, and financial advisers have one thing in common, they want to provide the best service that they can for you. Can an adviser help you get out of a problem? Oh certainly! However, prevention is the easier route and your adviser’s role is to help you prevent problems from occurring. They are there to help you, their client.

When to hire an insurance adviser

Many businesses do not realize how important insurance is. Many insurance companies will sell a policy that has property coverage and liability coverage but is that enough? Do you have employees, then you might need to consider EPLI insurance or if you are transporting goods, a Motor Truck Cargo, or Transportation policy. If you have a loss that is not covered, it could be devastating to a small business. It could even put you out of business.

Insurance is so important that any business should have an insurance adviser to review their scope of business and then compare it to their current policy to ensure that they have coverage for all possible exposures. Bottom line, if you have a business and you want to protect it, get an insurance adviser to review your policy to ensure that you have the insurance protection that you need.

When to hire a mortgage adviser

A mortgage is a big commitment. There are numerous types of mortgages out there, are you really getting the best deal? Is there a government program that you could qualify for? Those are the types of questions that a mortgage adviser can answer for you and more.

Getting stuck with a mortgage that you cannot afford can be disastrous. Not only can you end up losing your home, but your credit may never recover and you will probably never have a chance to own a home again. Make sure that your investment, your property, is not in danger of default by getting a mortgage adviser to help you find a mortgage that you can afford with the most favorable terms.

When to hire a financial adviser

Many people think that they need to be rich to have a financial adviser and nothing could be further from the truth. A financial adviser is the very person who can help you secure your financial future, which is why everybody should consult with one. If you can relate to any of the following, you can benefit greatly by hiring a financial adviser.

  • • You have no set financial goals – Are you worried about how you can afford to retire, even if retirement is a long time away? A financial adviser can help you set financial goals, such as saving for your children’s college or for retirement.
  • • You have children but do not have a will – Nobody wants to contemplate their own mortality, but this is one area where you need to. Ensuring for your children’s future in case of an accident is vital.
  • • Get more from your 401k or RRSP – Do you have a 401k or RRSP but do not understand it? If you want to get more from your 401k or RRSP, a financial adviser can help you do that. Help your retirement plan grow and your financial adviser can help you make smart choices about your 401k or RRSP investments.

Your business, your finances, and indeed, your future, are important. When you hire an adviser, you are taking steps to protect the things that matter most. Stop taking chances and talk to an adviser today.

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