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As a small business owner every penny counts so why would you leave money on the table? When you are not taking advantage of every tool at your disposal, you are leaving money on the table. There are ample tools available to you online that will boost your business, help build up your web presence, help you get new clients and improve client retention. Ignoring these internet tools is the same as throwing money away.

Your online presence brings you from a local business to a global presence. As an advisor, you have the unique position of being able to help your clients from all over. Is a face-to-face meeting nice? Yes, but thanks to technology such as Skype, you can have your face-to-face meeting with your client in another country or in another state/province.

Technology is your friend because it helps you create a network of potential clients and clients that you can continue to grow and expand. Instead of being afraid of technology, you need to embrace it. Gone are the days of only working within clients in your neighborhood, Skype allows for video conferencing and Google + has hangouts, which are video chats that you can have with others in your circles. There is no excuse for not making use of these two tools to be able to conference with clients from all over, you are no longer confined to having clients within a specific, and limited geographical area.

Online tools are either free or very inexpensive. Setting up profiles on social media sites costs you nothing but some time, but the time that you put into creating a profile that perfectly captures you and your business is well worth it because it increases your presence and widens your network of potential clients. Websites are relatively inexpensive and many blogging platforms are free. Spending money on a quality website is money well invested because that website is where you can tie all of your social media sites together.

With these online tools, you have instant access to clients and potential clients. You can provide mass updates via posts on your website, emailed newsletters, tweets, or posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. This is handy if you are providing a technical service to your clients because they will be instantly notified of any products/services or changes in the service that you provide.

Reversely, it allows them to have a variety of ways to contact you. Social media and internet tools allow for a wide variety of ways for your clients and potential clients to interact with you and to reach you when they need too. Email and phones are taking a back burner to being able to interact with people through social media or via other online tools, take advantage of these so that no matter how people want to reach you, they can! As an adviser, accessibility is a big factor in getting and keeping clients. Bottom line, technology allows you to be accessible virtually around the clock in a variety of ways.

You can get instant feedback through your interactions with clients and potential customers, which allows you to better tailor your services. It is a classic case of giving the people what they want; the highly interactive nature of the internet works in your favor, once you start using it to its full potential.

Thanks to technology, you will have a broad avenue to distribute your information such as websites, newsletters, blogs, social media profiles and even YouTube. You can integrate multimedia into your webpages and embed your videos from YouTube. Reading about information is one thing but being able to watch it is another. Watching a video or a slideshow presentation is vastly more interesting than simply reading and it will capture the interest of your clients and potential clients faster and easier.

If you are shying away from technology, you are missing many moneymaking opportunities. If you do not embrace the internet and the tools at your disposal to help build up your web presence and draw in new customers, then you are leaving money out on the table. Start making use of the tools available such as social media, a website, blogging and even newer ways to connect to your clients such as Skype and Google+ hangouts. Having said that, iPro Advisers has put together a suite of services that will help you achieve all your online goals including but not limited to , Website, Email, Newsletter, E-cards, Marketing campaign, Testimonials, Search Engine Optimization, Embedded YouTube, Industry specific web contents, Calendar, Automated lead generator and to top it off the best support staff to train and help you every step of the way.

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