Why Do You Need a Mobile Finance Website for Maximum ROI?

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The numbers say it all – after switching to a mobile friendly responsive website design, leading financial institutes around the globe reported more than 50% increase in mobile visits and doubled website visits. Why? Because a mobile website makes your website more accessible and navigation friendly on handheld devices and makes it easier to use any apps and tools for conversion, calculation or comparison with more ease than ever before!

Maintaining optimum user experience is the secret behind powerful brands around the world. From banks to financial institutes, insurance providers to brokers – the more convenient and functionality you deliver to your target audience via your website, the better will be your returns and profits.

Wondering whether you need to invest in a mobile website or not and what impact will it have on your overall sales and traffic? Keep reading to find out:


On the Go Access to Apps

If you don’t have a mobile app for your business as of now, a mobile website or web app can serve to be an effective and more affordable alternative! There are different choices and variants available – you can go for an adaptive design or a responsive approach for providing the best support and frame work, enhance user experience and surfing speed while keeping your budget in check at the same time.
Customers today rarely sit down and browse through services on their desktops – most are too busy for all the hassle and prefer to have their financial data, banking applications and other related information at their fingertips and this increases the importance of having a mobile friendly design more than ever. With data rates getting faster and businesses going mobile, it only makes sense to have a mobile friendly website as well that affirms to the layout and alignment of the device’s screen and deliver smooth and sleek surfing experience to all users at all times.


The SEO Advantage

It’s not just the users who will be thanking you for a responsive mobile molding design for your financial websites – you will be getting the pat of approval from Google as well! Site navigation, linking and ease of use are strong factors that are considered by the Google search bots when deciding the rankings – and responsive websites are generally ranked higher as compared to more bulky websites that take a long time to load on mobile devices. Google actually recommends responsive website design, as it is more appealing and user friendly and also easier to manage and control.


Mobile Marketing

Another main advantage of having a mobile website is the marketing benefits it brings, particularly with customer centric ads that are displayed to your target audience. Affordable yet focused, this mode of advertising is especially helpful in making your financial service more prominent even with all the competition out there.

Futuristic Appeal

When it comes to enhancing brand credibility and reputation, responsive websites take the cake because they are more modern, fast and futuristic. People are more likely to trust financial institutes that look more credible online and thus having a responsive mobile friendly website is only going to help you increase the leads and sales for your brand in the future!

Need a mobile friendly website but don’t want to spend too much? Contact us now to learn more about mobile friendly websites and how we can design them in a budget.

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