How to Connect with Your Clients for More Business Leads

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Facing issues connecting with your clients? Can’t find the time to communicate online? Here are a few simple and quick tips to boost the sales figures and increase customer retention especially for busy professionals in the finance world. Take a look and try it out:


It goes without saying that having a blog is a must for any business nowadays, as it can bring an array of benefits. Blogs are the most trusted and viable medium to connect with your clients for more business leads and can also prove to be a worthy tool for generating fresh content and increasing website traffic through strategic SEO.


Newsletters are an effective resource to connect, interact and build a lasting relationship with your clients and also market and promote your services for future leads. Sending out newsletters is a great way of reminding old clients about your services and they also serve to be a great tool for strengthening the image of your brand.


Customized messages and personalized greetings go a long way in creating a harmonious and stable relationship with customers. The concept of email marketing is considered to be one of the strongest constituent of online networking and is lets you keep in touch with your customers and increase chances of returning clients and positive referrals.

Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials

Requesting your customers to leave behind their feedback will not only help you improve your services but also enhance your credibility online. In the world of finance, trust is everything and most people, when searching for a mortgage broker, insurance professional or even lending institutions, first look at the reviews and testimonials about them left by past clients. Utilize the medium of feedback to multiple your business leads and enhance the reputation of your business on a long term basis.

Video and Multimedia

Most of your website visitors are just going to skim through your website for a few minutes – and that’s all the time you are going to have to draw in their attention and transform them into your loyal customers. Even high quality content can fail to make an impact in limited time and in such scenarios graphics, multimedia and video can come to your rescue.  Interactive videos and tutorials on your website with supportive graphics and a catchy color theme can entice site visitors and also provide you a more engaging and powerful medium to explain your services.

Referrals and Incentives

Another great idea to connect with more and more clients on a daily basis is to add incentive based promotions on your website. These include referrals and recommendations and boost word of mouth marketing to a large extent.

Value Added Services

The more comprehensive and functional your financial website is, the more popular it is going to be amongst your customers. For finance professionals particularly in the mortgage or insurance business, having dedicated industry specific data, calculators and other information will help generating better leads and build a more engagement in the website. Furthermore, linking your website tools with blogs and social media pages will add to the overall experience, resulting in boosted sales and growing leads for your business.

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  • Bob M.

    Sounds simple. One needs to be focused and committed to doing all these tasks on a daily bases and it will payoff. We have done it 🙂

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