Design Basics for Accounting Websites

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Design Basics for Accounting Websites

A lot of accounting professionals don’t get the time to consistently update and maintain their online presence which actually backfires at them when it comes to generating business leads. Having a well designed website that is for accounting professionals can help you prove your status in the industry and increase client retention and customer trust.

Here are some must-have design essentials that can result in guaranteed success of accounting websites. Take a look:

Choose the Right Themes and Color Schemes

When building an accounting website, it is important to give extra attention to the choice of themes, color and layout. You want to send across a professional and credible message to your clients and for that matter, your website should have an equally professional outlook and sophisticated appeal.

Go for custom website design, because it lets you choose the color, themes and features of your website as per your requirements. Alternatively, you can also use your brand colors from your logo in your website design so that it blends well with your overall image as an accounting business or professional.

Make it Mobile Friendly

No website today should be without the mobile responsive advantage. Most of your potential customers are going to access your website via their Smartphone or handheld device and thus it is important to have a functional and flexible website design that can mould itself to any screen size and provide interactive results and swift navigation regardless of the device being used.

Functionality is the Key to Success!

A cluttered website design that is too complex and complicated to decipher will only turn off clients, no matter how powerful and engaging your content is. Try to make the maximum impact in minimum words, and utilize menus and tabs to distribute information rather than displaying it all on the landing page.

Tools and Tidbits

The right tools and resources on your website can make all the difference. For example, for accounting websites, having dedicated tax software and financial calculators that can easily be used and downloaded by the visitors is an added plus and will add to the overall functionality and usability of your website.

Site Security

Needless to say, maintaining optimum website security should be one of your top concerns during development and design. There are dedicated website tools available that can monitor site activity and help you avoid phishing and spamming, and if your website offers payment processing, make sure that you have premium security features to keep the payment as well as client data in a secure database. All these features can actually build customer trust, which in turn can bring in positive referrals and boosted leads for your service.

Customize for the Best Results

Needless to say, run of the mill designs and free templates can turn off site visitors- particularly the tech savvy crowd who can notice it in a glance. Accounting professionals should have an air of reliability about them, and as your website is your online representation, it should b as credible and trustworthy as possible. Thus, it is best to go for website designs that defines your professional presence as a brand and present a trustworthy and credible image that the clients can trust.


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