Tech Savvy Online Marketing Techniques for Financial Websites

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Online Marketing Can Make or Break a Business


Marketing your financial website can turn out to be tricky – no doubt about that. Finding time to update content, respond to clients and boosting SEO can be difficult as well as confusing for accounting professionals and advisors. A lot of people just add the required content for the website and leave it as is, which greatly affects professional image and reputation. Users around the world mostly use the internet to research about any business or service, and if the web results aren’t satisfying, most give up on the prospect of contacting the professional.

Who said professional websites for accountants, advisors or business firms have to be all boring and dry? Surely, you need to add content and take care of keyword optimization. But how do you make it all flow naturally without overwhelming the reader?

For a professional financial website, it is very important to use keywords in the right context and volume, taking care not to overstuff or undermine the required SEO strategy. Remember that SEO is your most important tool in marketing your website to the right audience locally and nationally, and a little attention to it can make all the difference in both your traditional and online marketing campaigns.

But it’s not the only way out there.

A professionally developed website with an aesthetic outlook and interactive tools will instantly boost your web presence and attract more clients and more leads to your business. And yes, most of these can be managed without any technical expertise!

Here’s a quick marketing checklist that’s considered the Holy Grail for boosting your online web presence. Take a look:

First Things First – Figure Out Where You Stand!

So how do you know that you have to brush up your website marketing and SEO strategies? The following will help you find out how and how much you need to tweak your website to get the edge against the competition in the market.

Google Yourself– As simple as that! Run a simple search about your service with your city and see what comes up. If you can’t find your name in the first few pages, then its time you need a website revamp!

Take a Look at Your Client List– Take a look at the last few people you have done business with and see how they came to you. Were they there because of a reference? Did you interact with them at a trade fair? Or did they come via your website?  If you haven’t had any business leads through your online channels lately, this means you are lacking in web marketing.

Are You Being Reviewed Online? A lot of people rely on business listings online or customer reviews on Google or Yelp to judge your authenticity and past track record. If you haven’t got any online reviews or aren’t listed on these websites, this indicates that you have been ignoring your web marketing for awhile!


So, You Need Some Online Marketing Expertise. What’s The Next Step?

Website marketing isn’t limited to the technical aspects alone – it is actually your creativity that strikes the right chord with our customers! And for that you need to:

 Revamp your Website
Your website does not have to be just an introductory page to your business – instead you can use it as a powerful marketing tool. Make your landing page an instant head turner with the right information, marketing taglines and business details displayed at a prominent position!
 Attract and Engage Your Users
Newsletters, ecards, offers and incentives are all amazing techniques to woo your clients and stay in the limelight!
 Tech-ify Your Services
Be it helpful videos, tutorials or even handy finance tools like forms and calculators – the more you make it easier for people to use your website, the better will be the results.
 Get Social!
Regular updates on social media pages, local check-ins and tweets and shares can work like magic in attracting the right stream of visitors to your website. Take advantage of these tools today and link your website to popular social media websites for instant results!
Looking for more expert insight on fueling your web marketing campaign without spending a lot of time and money? Contact us now to get a professional website tailor-made for advisors and finance professionals and we will guide you through all the rest!


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