A Quick Web Marketing Checklist for Financial Professionals

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Most financial advisors, with their busy routine and tough schedule, end up ignoring their online presence. Some spend way too much cash on their website and then leave it as is, while others find it difficult to manage their website regularly which ultimately results in falling leads and decreasing sales.

The web is your most powerful tool in gaining new clients and enhancing your business reach locally and ultimately globally. And with a comprehensive website in place, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes everyday to market your services like a pro. What you need is a basic online marketing checklist, and once that’s done the rest is history!

Here is a quick go-through of the top rated marketing techniques that can help both seasoned financial gurus and budding entrepreneurs in the business world. Take a look:


checked   SEO friendly content is king! With the right SEO linking and use of relevant keywords in the content as well as tags, you can rise to the top of Google rankings and attract more leads and traffic to your business.

checked   Blog it out! Regularly updating your blog will not only keep your website to-date, but will also draw in more customers. And yes, Google loves those websites that churn up fresh and informative content every now and then and gives them the top spots in its rankings!

checked   Say not to clutter and only add relevant, engaging and informative content to your website. No one has the time to go through a bulk load of text all bundled up on the home page – therefore, instead of overwhelming the customer, break down the content into smaller chunks of information tactfully placed on the website to enhance navigation and make your website easier to surf and browse through.


checked   Video marketing can take your business to the top! Utilize the power of multimedia and add interactive and helpful videos, welcome messages and podcasts etc. to your website. This will enhance functionality and make the content more interesting and relatable for your audience.

checked   Social media is a raging trend that has taken the business world by storm! Link your website with popular social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase leads, enhance sharing and engage readers from the very first visit!

checked   Banners and logos are also a great way in enhancing the visual appeal of your website as well and improve internal linking. Create innovative and catchy taglines to attract readers into exploring your website and this will ultimately promote your business like never before!


checked    Email marketing is by far the best technique out there to promote and advertise your services and increase conversion ratio. Sending personalized and customized emails will not only bring in more business for you but also build a credible reputation for you in the market.

checked    Newsletters are another great way of interacting with your clients. A good idea is to go for a solution-based approach – i.e. discuss their problems and provide innovative solutions rather than highlighting your features. Include your contact information and website address to bring in traffic to your website. You can also add subscribing links to these newsletters to create a consistent mailing list of potential clients.


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Best of Luck!

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