Nail Your Social Media and Internet Presence Today!

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Nail Your Social Media and Internet Presence Today!

While having a professionally designed custom finance website is extremely important for any professional in the mortgage, accounting or insurance and finance industry, the job is only halfway done until you link it with your social media presence.
Social media can critically transform your image in the web world – here are a few tried and tested tips to make it work in your favor on some of the most popular social platforms today! Take a look:


Facebook for businesses can do a great job of bringing in more leads and referrals, because it provides a more personal platform to interact with clients, introduce incentives and keep users engaged on a daily basis.  Even if you can’t manage your Facebook pages on your own, you can get a professional to do it for you and then link it to your website to increase not just interaction but also the search engine optimization on your website!


Visual marketing can bring an entirely new technological edge to the way you communicate and interact with your clients. For example, when it comes to mortgage professionals and insurance companies, explainer videos on the landing page can do a far better job of explaining service highlights and benefits or complicated terminology than plain text. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google, and the stats say it all. Posting video introduction of your services on Youtube and taking advantage of the ‘views’ and ‘shares’ can bring in more traffic to your website and also give you global exposure without spending a lot of time online!


More and more professionals are using LinkedIn to multiply their business leads as well as present a consistent, credible and solid brand image in the industry. A strong LinkedIn profile with recommendations, testimonials and contacts can increase customer trust in you and also gives you a chance to interact with more seasoned professionals in the industry and get maximum advantages of referrals.


Can’t find the time to write blogs and interact with clients on a more personal level? A tweet is your best friend! Twitter is highly effective for business professionals in the financial world – it opens a world of possibilities, lets you follow conversations and gauge client feedback and comments and helps you interact with your audience without taking up a large chunk of your time. Utilize Twitter for your business while you are on the go – you can tweet while you are travelling on in between business meetings to highlight your services and attract more leads without any extra hassle. Plus, you can always link your tweets with your website or blog to get more traffic and engagement happening on your website as well! All you need is a custom website design for finance professionals that can support social media connectivity and you are good to go!

And It Does Not End At That!

A variety of social media avenues are available to businesses these days with mobile connectivity making it all the more easier for finance gurus to manage their online presence without overburdening their professional schedule. Your main focus should be getting a custom website design that can hold it all together on a single canvas and make it simple and easy for you to manage your online marketing requirements as well social networking tasks.

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