Why Go Mobile? Top Reasons You Should Have a Mobile Responsive Accounting Website

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Let’s face it, the world has not just gone mobile, it’s gone smart-mobile.

Today, almost everyone holds a mobile device in their hands with the world at their fingertips, using the device for a range of personal and business purposes. So, if you are thinking to have a financial or accounting website designed, bear in mind that it must have the functionality and design aesthetic to support visibility on not just desktops but smart phones and handheld devices of all sizes and makes.

And that’s where a mobile responsive design comes in handy. Mobile responsive websites mold themselves and retain the personalized appeal of your web design on all types of devices. They are also more functional and faster, and a cheaper and more SEO-friendly alternative to getting a separate domain made for mobile visibility.

Wondering how having a mobile responsive website will aid your business in the finance and accounting industry? Here are some of the top reasons to make a transition into the mobile responsive world. Take a look:

1.    It Adds an Edge to Design

So you have chosen a beautiful theme and interactive layout for your website, but what’s going to be the use of it all if it doesn’t show on a mobile screen? The biggest advantage of having a mobile website is the design factor – the swift loading time and engaging features and themes are bound to attract customers and make them stay there for long!

2.    It Gives Your Website Full Marks on User-friendliness

Mobile responsive designs make the maximum impact even in the most limited of space which enhances functionality and user-friendliness. In the fast paced life of today when most people don’t spare more than a few seconds to browse through a page, a mobile responsive website can do a great job of presenting your business and highlighting your services and contact details which boosts your chances of getting a positive response!

3.    It’s Got the Google Stamp on It

Google is undoubtedly the king when it comes to SEO and in web space. Websites with mobile responsive design are ranked higher by Google, which adds to your SEO strategy and brings in more traffic and ultimately more business to your website.

4.    It Enhances the Credibility and Reputation of Your Brand

Mobile responsive websites can present a credible and futuristic face of your business to the world. Visitors are more likely to trust and rely on your services if your website has a trustworthy an attractive appeal. As a mobile friendly design complies with the best practices and is modern, user friendly and more customer-centric, it can add to your brand image and make your accounting and finance services stand out in the competition.

5.    It Brings In More Revenue

Add the usability, traffic leads and design aesthetic together and you get one common factor – increased revenue for your accounting business. The web world can prove to be a great medium to expand your reach and promote your services to a larger audience, and having a mobile responsive website proves to be the first step of making that transition happen.

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